Crushed copper kettle, cast iron kettle fragments, coffee grinder parts, coffee pot, iron stake. Find detailed information in our book.

Scraper made from horse blinder, scraper made from octagon gun barrell, Oneida trap, axes, hoes.

Horsehoes and mule shoes.

Lightning bolt awls, cone tinklers, tool fashioned from horseshoe, canteen stopper, stirrup, kettle fragments.

Contents from fire pit, gun wrench, spur, Mexican ring bit, scraper made from piece of trap, iron rings, buckle, brass bracelets.

Mule shoes, spur, spoon, pocket knife, percussion cap tins, buttons, arrowhead, Minié balls, haversack hook, buckles, canteen stopper.

Shrapnel (tin can thick), railroad spikes, ornate brass spur, ornate brass piece from chandelier, scissors, part of a bit.

Reproduction arrow for display, water barrel hoop, arrowheads, butcher knives, harmonica reeds.

Knives, carbine swivel, sole of shoe, spoon, rings, bracelet, buckles.

Shell fragments. Detailed information is in our book.

Bullets, casings, and spurs.

Cap and shirt souvenirs for Sand Creek Tours, Memories of a Lifetime in the Pike’s Peak Region book (1925) signed by author Irving Howbert December 19, 1926, original dust jacket for the book, guest book for our tours, a copy of an inscription by Ed Bearss on his article, Introduction: “Gettysburg Revisited” – “To Chuck & Sheri Bowen, friends, historians, archaeologists, ranchers, hosts. With best wishes Edwin C Bearss 9/26/03,” and a Canyons & Plains brochure that featured Sand Creek Tours.