Bowen Finds Incredible Artifact at the Lost Sand Creek Site

By Mike Bowen, co-author, We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site

You won’t believe what we found metal detecting at the Lost Sand Creek Site! Watch the video below.

Mike, Tim, Chuck and Joe in the back.

Chuck Bowen, Joe Harbert and Tim B metal detected at the Bowen Meadow Ranch on Sand Creek Thursday, April 11. 

Watch this video to see the incredible find at the Lost Sand Creek Site!

Chuck is still finding period artifacts, nearly 25 years after he and Sheri discovered the true Sand Creek location. 

It’s interesting that modern pieces can also be found where this historic event took place. No modern finds were counted among the 4,000 Sand Creek artifacts Chuck and Sheri used to document their discovery. We like to show these modern finds sometimes to show that life has merely continued since Sand Creek and there can be a mixture of modern and period artifacts. 

Our finds from this search include percussion caps, casings, square nails, and an artifact that shows a Cheyenne Dog Soldier (warrior) was in this area. It’s an incredible find! Watch the video above to see what it was.

A piece from a water barrel hoop is pictured above. Water barrel hoops were used by Indians to make arrowheads. The piece of tin has a groove going along the top and bottom. It is unknown what it is from. Let us know if you can identify it.

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