Bowen Presents in Las Animas on How the Lost Sand Creek Site Discovery Changes the Story

How does the Lost Sand Creek Site discovery change the story? 

Joe Harbert, Butch Kelley (in the back), Chuck Bowen and Mike Bowen. Photo by Joe at the Bowen Meadow Ranch. Butch was unable to attend the program. He played a very significant role in identifying artifacts from the Sand Creek event.

Mike Bowen, co-author, We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site, presented at the John W. Rawlings Heritage Center and Museum in Las Animas, CO Saturday, March 23 about the discovery his parents, Chuck and Sheri Bowen, made concerning the true location of the Nov. 29, 1864 event at Sand Creek. 

Enjoy this video from the program! 

We take a small sampling of artifacts to our book programs. There are over 100 photos of artifacts and maps in our book. 

This discovery doesn’t simply provide a new or additional location, it changes the Sand Creek story. How is the story changed? Our book goes into great detail how over 4,000 artifacts found by Chuck and Sheri Bowen on the Bowen family ranch provide better clarity and understanding of what happened on November 29, 1864 at Sand Creek. 

The artifacts are the concrete evidence. Everything else is just a theory without them.

If we’re not learning from accurate accounts of history, we’re not learning from history. 

History is being erased, and seeking truth is being canceled. 

Let’s not allow that to happen. 

Learn more about Chuck and Sheri Bowen’s Sand Creek discovery and our book on this website. 

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There are over 100 photos of artifacts and maps in our book, We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site

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