Book Cover Photo Taken on Sand Creek Anniversary in 2008

Book Cover Photo Taken on Sand Creek Anniversary in 2008

Our good friends Curt and Angie Neeley spent Thanksgiving with us in 2008. Curt and I went to see the location of Bent’s New Fort/Fort Lyon on Nov. 28. 

Sheri, myself, Curt and Angie Neeley.

Curt is standing on the rocky knoll near the location of Bent’s New Fort.
Behind the photographer is the original location of Bent’s New Fort. In the distance is the location of the buildings the government added making it Fort Lyon on the north bank of the Arkansas River. This photo is to the right of where Curt was standing on the rocky knoll. Looking west of Bent’s New Fort as it is today.
Bent’s New Fort is directly behind the phographer. The government had leased/purchased Bent’s New Fort and added the buildings in the distance making it all Fort Lyon. More information can be found in our book. Looking west of Bent’s New Fort as it appeared then.
Curt is standing near where the foundation was for Bent’s New Fort.

Thanksgiving fell on the anniversary of Sand Creek, Nov. 29, 1864. Curt went with me to our family ranch on Sand Creek, the discovery site, early in the morning before the sun came up. 

I took this photo that morning of the horizon showing where part of the Indian village was. It’s the photo we used for the cover of our book and is showing the first hint of early morning light. There would have been tipis in the left on the horizon line. 

Another photo, shown below, with sagebrush in the foreground and taken a bit later in the morning, shows the bend that George Bent marked up on George Hyde’s map. The bend is outlined by the trees. 

We wanted to experience Sand Creek the same as it was November 29, 1864 with the weather, the lighting, the date, all the same.  

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