We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site book Reviewed in Cavalry Journal

By Mike Bowen

Co-author, We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site

Our book, We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site, was reviewed in The Cavalry Journal magazine December 2023 issue. 

As stated in the review, this book is truly like sitting down at a table with a cup of coffee and having a conversation. Dialogue is used to tell this incredible story of Chuck and Sheri Bowen’s firsthand account of discovery. 

The full story of how the Bowens got involved in researching Sand Creek and searching the Bowen family ranch for artifacts is told in great detail. Chuck grew up on that part of Sand Creek which provided him a unique advantage searching for artifacts. No one else has spent more time on this part of Sand Creek. He knows the land like the back of his hand. 

The artifacts he found were documented meticulously, each with a GPS coordinate and photograph. All of the GPS waypoints were installed into satellite imagery and looking at the coordinates on these maps tells a very different story than what is traditionally told by the National Park Service. The traditional story says the Indians were camped below the bluff where the Sand Creek Battle Ground monument used to sit. However, there is a lack of physical evidence at this location. 

The lack of artifacts at this spot got Chuck’s attention in the mid ‘90s. If the Sand Creek event didn’t happen there, it was certainly possible it happened on the Bowen family ranch. There were over seven miles of Sand Creek going through the ranch. 

It seems many believe that artifacts found at a different location don’t change the story. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The traditional story also says that the Indians were slaughtered as they arose and came out of their tipis. If this were the case, why were running battle locations found? And how did so many Indians get away from the village and flee in multiple directions? And why did the events at Sand Creek take place over several hours? That is information that is agreed upon by eyewitnesses. 

Many eyewitness accounts say the Indians had fled the village by the time the soldiers arrived. 

If the Indians were indeed killed as they came out of their tipis, the area below that bluff would have been littered with bullets. No bullets were found there. 

We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site is well documented with over 100 photos of artifacts as well as maps that show where the artifacts were found. These photos and maps leave no doubt as to where events happened and the truth about Sand Creek. 

Have a conversation with us and sit down with this book—it will leave you with a new understanding of the events on November 29, 1864 at Sand Creek. 

It’s imperative that we seek truth and not let emotions cloud our judgement of history. 

Check out our book to see the true story the artifacts tell, a story that isn’t motivated by emotion, but by factual physical evidence.  

Check out our book to see the true story the artifacts tell, a story that isn’t motivated by emotion, but by factual physical evidence. 

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