20th Anniversary of Prayer and Deliverance of Curses Over Lost Sand Creek Site

By Mike Bowen

Co-author We Found The Lost Sand Creek Site

In the early 2000s, Chuck and Sheri were dealing with spiritual warfare concerning their involvement with Sand Creek. Sometimes Indians would cross over the barbed wire fence from the National Park Service side. The No Trespassing signs weren’t observed. They would leave something to show they’d been there. 

The trees in the background at left show the village site where the prayer ceremony was held.

They were concerned about where this might be going spiritually, so they talked to some fellow Christian acquaintances about praying for God’s blessing on their land.

“We were brought together for that purpose,” Jan said. She remembered that an integral part of praying over the land was for the truth to come out about Chuck and Sheri finding the real Sand Creek site. Jan’s involvement in deliverance ministry connected her to the prayer ceremony at Sand Creek, twenty years ago on February 28, 2003. She noted they had not come together prior for a similar ceremony.

A small caravan of cars left the pastor’s home near Lamar at 4 a.m. It was snowing lightly, and it got deeper as we drove the 40 miles north to the ranch.

“It was very early, it was dark,” Jan said. What started as flurries turned into a few inches of snow once they arrived. 

“I think the first thing we did was prayed,” Jan said. “We prayed for curses and bondages to be broken over that property, and for forgiveness for any of the lives that were lost.”  

“I remember feeling like we felt threatened, like a curse,” Sheri said. An Indian told Sheri a few years before the ceremony they put a curse of cancer on this area, “because of what you did here,” referring to Sand Creek.  

When the group arrived at the ranch, they broke up into different groups and walked the property praying over the land. 

Christian friends and acquaintances of Chuck and Sheri joined in this prayer ceremony including Jan, Keith, Linda, Hugh, Dave, Denise and Joyce. 

During the ceremony, Dave blew a ram’s horn from a high hill, “declaring the land God’s land.” This call carried a long way on that early snowy morning.

At the end of the ceremony, they had communion, sang, and prayed again. 

“That was when we heard the coyote howl,” Jan said. “To me it sounded like a horse that was in distress. Linda said after the prayer, did anyone else hear that coyote?” 

“Somebody found a medicine bag or something that was supposed to be a curse,” Sheri said. It was destroyed. 

A cow skull was found in a tree and it was smashed with a hammer, as they thought it also represented a curse. It was clear someone, likely Indians, were coming across the fence and leaving something in a tree, like the cow skull and also ribbons, to show they had been there.  

One of the prayer group members hammered an eight-inch spike into the ground on a high hill. It’s likely the hill Little Bear was on when he saw the troops. More spikes were added to other spots on the property. On the top of the spikes was etched the word Yahweh, the name of God in Hebrew. They prayed over the land and for Bowens’ protection. 

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  1. I enjoyed reading your story. My father and his family are from Wild Horse Colorado and we always wondered about this. Sand Creek ran through my cousins property and someone marked where the wagon trails went through it.
    Very interesting, thanks for sharing
    Bonnie Sinnes Drake

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