A Run in Sand Creek For the First Time in Eight Years, Runs Wider Next Day

Sand Creek is known as a dry creek—it rarely has running water. When it does run, it runs slowly and it takes a torrential rainfall further up the creek.

It last ran eight years ago and didn’t run very wide. The creek was running about ten feet wide on Sunday, June 18. (Check out both videos in this blog).

The creek ran much wider Monday, June 19. The creek banks are about 200 yards wide and ran 150-200 feet across in some areas. In other areas it was wider. Chuck Bowen, owner of the Lost Sand Creek Site, grew up there and remembers the 1965 flood. It was bank-to-bank then, and it didn’t create any new channels in the creek. It gets some running water about every 8-10 years. This is the widest the creek has ran on this part of Sand Creek since the ‘65 flood. (The blog continues below the video).

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