Book Voicemail

Book Voicemail

My good friend Curt Neeley left me this voicemail over the weekend. He is a main reason I wrote this book. He prodded me for years asking me how my book was coming along, knowing full well I hadn’t even began to start writing it. 

I told him it was such a monumental project I didn’t even know where to begin. He told me it was like eating an elephant, just take one bite at a time and I’ll eventually get the book written. It took over two years and we finally took that last bite, all thanks to him staying on me to get it written. 

Curt is a former investigative reporter from Arkansas, and he lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Angie. He has been very involved with the Order of Indian Wars group, as a researcher and member. He has spent countless hours studying the American Indian wars era, he is a historian, avid researcher and dedicated student of history, especially Sand Creek. 

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