How Was Jake Fleagle Caught?

The Fleagle Gang robbed the First National Bank May 23, 1928. Ralph and Jake Fleagle were joined by two companions. Ralph and the companions were caught, arrested, prosecuted and hanged. It was the first criminal case using a finger print. Jake Fleagle got away and eluded capture for two years. How was he eventually found?

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Information about the Fleagle Gang came from Tom Betz’ book, The Fleagle Gang – Betrayed by a fingerprint. 

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  1. I bought both books…middle of reading Fleagle Gang..your Sand Creek one is next …hv already read some other Lamar- Authored books, i.e., The Path Well Taken, Rivers of Wind, Della Raye, Sheep Shed..i understand there is a book by Hasser..Iwish I knew the name,…do you know it …so I could ck into ordering that one, also .. .Lucy Bauer McDonald

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