Memories of Galatea, Colorado

Galatea was located fourteen miles west of Eads and was platted in November 1887. The post office opened December 2, 1887 and closed October 1948. The town had a population of 330 in May 1888. The town included two grocery stores, a blacksmith shop, lumber yard, pool hall, saloon, restaurant, two hotels, livery stable, elevator, barber shop, school, and post office. A weekly newspaper, The Galatea Courier, was published 1888-1890. 

The town’s decline began due to a combination of a fire in 1916 and a stock-killing winter in 1918 (Railroads in the Development in Kiowa County). Galatea is only a memory today.

The following photos and information was compiled by Bennie Fischer.

The old school was destroyed by fire before 1917. This replaced it.
Galatea baseball team 1935-36
Back row: Clyde Frazee, Bob Forsyth, Earl Anderson, Elmer Mueller, Leo Frazee, Guy Bendorf, Bennie Fischer.
Front row: Bob Conner, Merle Frazee, Vance Lewis, Omer Lewis.
Galatea 1924
Back row: Herman Borders, Kenneth Dove, Carl Borders, Ethel (Manly) Johnson (teacher), Bessie Artman, Dorthea Fischer.
Front row: Floyd Borders, Woodrow Williams, Eilene Brandon, Bessie Brandon, Esther Fischer.
Galatea school
Galatea 1925
Back row: Kenneth Dove, Leona Fischer, Edith Forsyth, Dorthea Fischer, Eilene Brandon, Bessie Brandon.
Middle row: Helen Forsyth, Shirley (Howell) Crow, Margie (Howell) Schmitt, Agnes Fischer.
Front row: ?,?,?, Boon Muriett, Leonard Fischer, Winnie (Knowle) Mohler, ?,?,?,?
Galatea 1930-31
Back row: Leo Frazee, Charles Boman, Audrey Boman, Jewel Callahan, Ann Wilburn, Darlene Callahan, Leonard Fischer, Raymond Wilburn, Paul Linch.
Middle row: Merle Frazee, Wayne Boman, Arlene Conner, Imogene Callahan, Wilburn, Darlene Walker, Ruth Forsyth, Mildred Forsyth, Clyde Frazee, Kenneth Walker.
Front row: Herman Wilburn, Earl Anderson, Bob Forsyth, Dale Callahan, Bennie Fischer.
Galatea 1934-35
Back row: Bob Forsyth, Bennie Fischer, Merle Frazee, Earl Anderson, Bill Newman, Elmer Muller, Omer Lewis, Vance Lewis, Clyde Frazee.
Middle row: Marteal Bickel, Mildred Forsyth, Arlene Conner, Ruth Forsyth; Teachers: Eunice Nelson Mansker and Belva (McDaniel) Berry; students, Mildred Chriswell, Vera Lewis, Carol Conner, Avis Lewis.
Third row: Bob Conner, Arther Chriswell, Wallie Forsyth, George Muller, Gene Forsyth, Stanley Chriswell.
Bottom row: Sunny Mosher, Rex Lewis.
Galatea 1931-32
Back row: Paul Linch, Jewell Callahan, Annie Wilburn, Darlene Callahan, Leonard Fischer, Raymond Wilburn, Leo Frazee, Herman Wilburn.
Middle row: Ruth Forsyth, Betty Walker, Mildred Forsyth, Imogene Callahan; teachers, Ruth Switzer, Francis Fingado, Darlene Walker, Miller, Arlene Conner, Millie.
Front row: Merle Frazee, Earl Anderson, Bennie Fischer, Bob Conner, Bob Forsyth, Kenneth Walker, Clyde Frazee, Dale Callahan.

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