Joe Harbert and Metal Shop Class Make Sign for Bowens’ Lost Sand Creek Site

By Mike Bowen

Co-author, We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site

Joe Harbert. See the video below.

Check out this video of Joe Harbert sharing about the sign his metal shop class at Lamar High School made for Bowens’ Lost Sand Creek Site about 2010.  

Joe has been metal detecting the Sand Creek site with Chuck Bowen for over 20 years, and he has helped find hundreds of period artifacts from the battle and village areas. 

“I do not know how you can dispute the truth,” Joe Harbert. 

To learn more about the artifacts he helped find, check out chapter ten of our book, We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site

You can see Joe share about one of the most important artifacts found at the site: Go to the 41:49 minute mark to see the part with Joe. 

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  1. I am in the process of reading your book and found it very interesting! A lot of history to absorb. Many years ago I remember hearing stories about the incident and loss of life and your book was really good in presenting the history of those times. Also I heard there issues with the NPS version of events and also the actual battle site. I still have questions about that and the area that represents the site. Can a person actually visit and walk around at the entire site. We made the trip over to the NPS site and Park a few years ago, only to find it closed. We have not returned.
    Is there still some hard feelings between the Bowens and NPS? Is the Bowen Ranch still functioning and in the family?
    David Knudsen
    Rocky Ford, CO

    1. Thank you! We’re glad you’re enjoying our book! If you haven’t finished our book yet, your questions will likely be answered in the book. We gave tours at the site on the Bowen ranch, where we found over 4,000 artifacts, from the early 2000s until about 2008. Our focus the past year plus has been promoting our book. If you ever get to the NPS site, it is not significant for the location of the village and battle, but there is significance with that site since from the ridge there the soldiers first saw the Indian village off in the distance. The NPS made us a lot of promises but so far have not fulfilled those promises to credit us with discovery. If you still have questions please let us know. Thank you again.

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