Mary Marble Presents on Chivington, CO in 2013

Mary Marble, former Chivington, CO postmaster, presented on history of the town December of 2013. 

This was another well attended program put together by Chuck Bowen when he was vice president of PCHS. 

Mary worked as postmaster at the Chivington Post Office for 38 years—she retired in 1988. 

She spoke about what life was life during her days in Chivington, including finding a bunch of rattlesnakes outside the post office. She also talked about how quick the mail service was. 

“But kids, think about overnight delivery to Kansas City, MO from that little town of Chivington, You could send an order to Sears and Roebuck on a Monday and then on a Wednesday your order would be back,” Marble said.

See the video below. (Blog continues below the video – see photos below.)

Kingdon Hotel in Chivington. Sheri Bowen’s grandfather, Kent France, is the cowboy in the middle.
Demorest & Liggett. She talked about C. Frost Liggett. Photo is in our book.
Kingdon Hotel. Photo is in our book.
Train wreck one mile west of Chivington August 23, 1899.

Before her presentation, Chuck surprised her by unveiling the post office that she worked at in Chivington for 38 years. Chuck purchased it in Manzanola, CO in the early 2000s. It is now at the home of Chuck and Sheri in Lamar. 

There are still names on the back of the post office.

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