Metal Detecting Eureka Creek Station Site at Bowen Meadow Ranch

Chuck, Joe Harbert, Mackenzie and Joey metal detected the Eureka Creek station site Saturday, June 3 at the Bowen Meadow Ranch, along Sand Creek in Cheyenne County. The site was also likely used as a homesteader’s dugout. It was a new experience metal detecting—it rained all day long.

Chuck, Mackenzie and Joey with the bell they found.

Joe’s grandson, Joey, found a piece of an iron. It matched a piece Chuck found months earlier. About 20 years ago at the Lost Sand Creek Site, Joe found a piece of a cannonball shell fragment, and it also matched a piece Chuck previously found. Like grandfather, like grandson—they each found a matching piece. 

Check out a video of Joe talking about finding that shell fragment. Click on the video below. (The blog continues below the video)

Some of the other items they found include a grindstone, casing and bell.

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