Bowen Leads First Sand Creek Tour in 1970

Chuck Bowen led his first Sand Creek tour 53 years ago. He was not aware at the time of the massive discovery he would make in the 1990s, which reveals the real Sand Creek site. 

Chuck Bowen and Sheri Fischer (Bowen) lead a Sand Creek tour in 1970 at the Dawson ranch. Chuck’s brother Scott looks on.

A Babe Ruth tournament was held in Eads, CO Thursday, July 30 – Sunday, August 2, 1970, and the Sand Creek tour was offered for the baseball players. 

Baseball players that competed in the Babe Ruth tournament hold the handout that was created by Chuck Bowen, Sheri Fischer (Bowen), and Mary Moyer (Burnett).
Chuck, Sheri and Mary work on the handout for the 1970 Sand Creek tour.

From our book: 

Bill and Tootie Dawson bought the traditional Sand Creek site in 1965 from our neighbor Levi Rutledge. Perhaps an attempt to help get my mind off the tragedy of losing my brother, Bill asked me if I would be interested in leading a tour sometime between the end of July and the first of August at his place on Sand Creek. I accepted and asked for the help of Sheri, her sister, and our friend, Mary. We used our journalism class skills to make a newspaper as if reporting breaking news to tell the Sand Creek story. The tour was organized to entertain the baseball players in the upcoming Babe Ruth tournament in Eads. This experience proved invaluable for Sheri and me.

We Found the Lost Sand Creek Site

(The newspaper clipping is from the Kiowa County Press. The one on the right is a close up view about the tour).

Tour attendees are seen above the bluff. The traditional story says the Indian village was camped directly below that bluff. If the Indians camped below it, they would have been exposed to the cold north winds. We go into much more detail in our book.

Check out our book to see how Chuck and Sheri Bowen’s discovery of over 4,000 Sand Creek artifacts affect the traditional story. 

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